November 2005

Margaret-Ann Reynard, 40, a former midwife in Scotland, became ill after celebrating her 35th birthday at a Chinese restaurant in East Kilbride in October 2000 where she acquired salmonella poisoning that left her disabled. Her lawyer said the salmonella triggered reactive arthritis, a condition that left her not only unable to work, but she can

A report by the EU’s food regulator not only indicates that it is moving to recommend that table eggs be washed in the bloc, but also provides insight to the different methods and equipment food plants use to handle procedure.

Eggs are a primary source of human salmonellosis in Europe. Egg-associated infections are mainly caused

As reported in The Missoulian, six more suspected cases of salmonella were reported to the Missoula City-County Health Department over the weekend, bringing the total of confirmed or suspected cases to 19, which fifteen of the 19 have been linked to the Rocky Mountain Grill at 2300 W. Broadway, which Health Department officials shut down

The Missoula City-County Health Department has closed a local restaurant for the second time in a week following a resurgence of salmonella cases, In a letter addressed to owner Bill McQuirk and hand-delivered to the restaurant’s management team on Friday, Ellen Leahy, director of the Health Department, said two of her inspectors on Thursday "observed

An international investigation has been launched after an outbreak of a rare form of salmonella in Scotland, believed to have been brought back by people who had been on holiday in Majorca. According to Helen Puttick, health correspondent, 36 patients north of the border have fallen ill with salmonella goldcoast. Early inquiries suggest many of