The Missoula City-County Health Department has closed a local restaurant for the second time in a week following a resurgence of salmonella cases, In a letter addressed to owner Bill McQuirk and hand-delivered to the restaurant’s management team on Friday, Ellen Leahy, director of the Health Department, said two of her inspectors on Thursday "observed high-risk critical violations in the categories of personal hygiene and cross-contamination at Rocky Mountain Grill. These violations are repeat violations, also identified during inspections on Oct. 23 and Oct. 28 as reported in the Missoulian.

Leahy laid out several conditions that must be met in order for the grill to reopen, including switching from fresh eggs to pasteurized eggs except in circumstances specifically approved by the Health Department.

The other requirements:

  • The facility, including all surfaces, equipment and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to the satisfaction of the Health Department.
  • All prepared and potentially contaminated foods must be disposed of under the supervision of the Health Department.
  • All kitchen staff must complete at least a four-hour safe food handling training course.
  • Stool samples for all staff with any food contact, including managers, kitchen and wait staff, must be submitted to the Health Department for salmonella testing.
  • Enough people to adequately staff the kitchen must test negative for salmonella.
  • Only staff with stool samples negative for salmonella may return to work. Anyone who tests positive must provide two consecutive negative stool samples before returning to work.
  • Leahy said the investigation is looking at the egg supply, food handlers (including the possibility one or more is a carrier) and the food preparation environment.