According to FOX News Newark, Health officials are investigating what may be a Salmonella outbreak at the Iberia Peninsula restaurant in Newark. Dozens of people got sick after a party in the Ironbound section of the city Sunday night. At least one person who was there has been hospitalized at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick. Angelo Afonso’s family says he is in the intensive care unit after suffering from severe gastrointestinal distress consistent with food poisoning.

  • Nellie Mendes

    Attended the Dec.27th baptism party at Iberia Peninsula and came down with food poisoning symptoms. Husband and I went to the E.R twice suffering from severe dehydration. Husband was hsopitalized for 5 days. We are both home on antibiotics. Still suffering from diarreah and husband still has night sweats, headache and body aches. We are still very fatigued.

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