The Old South restaurant was open for lunch on Tuesday and had a crowd despite its link to an outbreak of salmonella.

DHEC has been back to the Old South restaurant throughout the day to inspect operations. During their visit, health officials offered up several recommendations for the restaurant including: Informing managers and employees about proper temperatures for storing food to prevent food bourne illnesses. DHEC also suggests managers and employees participate in a serve-safe program, a course that focuses on food handling and preparation.

Aside from the recent outbreak, Old South has a clean record when it comes to food safety. Missy Reeves with the Department of Health and Environmental Services says it was Old South’s call to close its doors. So far, DHEC’s inspections have deemed it safe, "They are checking for cleanliness, food preparation, temperatures."

17 people remain hospitalized for food poisoning symptoms. The food bourne illness may be the cause of one death. The Kershaw County coroner says test results could come in as early as Wednesday.