A Wilmington resident has contracted salmonella. He thinks he got food poisoning from eating at a local fast food restaurant.

Twenty-four-year-old Ryan Conn started to feel sick the day after eating at a local fast food restaurant. He went to the Medac on Shipyard Boulevard for treatment. A few days later the tests came back positive that Conn had salmonella food poisoning.

However, the case wasn’t reported to the Health Department for more than two weeks.

According to the New Hanover County Health Department, doctors and hospitals are required to report cases of salmonella within 24 hours of the diagnosis. But in this case, that didn’t happen. The Health Department says it won’t do a full investigation for only one case. They usually wait for multiple cases to surface in an area before trying to pinpoint the cause. But if cases are not reported, the Health Department won’t be able to look for patterns. Each case will look like an isolated incident.