This is to acknowledge that we have received the completed Salmonella peanut butter questionnaire.  We will follow-up with you as necessary for any additional information needed on yours or you child’s claim(s). If medical care was received related to a Salmonella illness we will order copies of records directly using the release document provided. We will also be undertaking leftover peanut butter testing for the Salmonella bacteria using a private laboratory in the Seattle area. Many, but not all, leftover containers will be tested. If your container(s) is/are to be tested, you will receive a separate packet in the mail with materials and instructions to package and ship your peanut butter to the lab. Do not send leftover peanut butter to Marler Clark. If you have an open container of peanut butter, place it into a plastic bag and store in a cool spot. Do not freeze the peanut butter. If you handle the peanut butter container with your bare hands be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water immediately after handling. For further information and updates on the peanut butter litigation visit: