Grocery cart handles can be full of bacteria. Ten times out of 10, there are germs on a shopping cart. It may look clean, but there really is no telling how many children have been in it or how many birds have claimed it.

Jean Enersen and the King 5 News crew went into several grocery stores to pick up a few things that are out in the open, like fruits and vegetables. Next they swabbed a number of carts, inside and out, where you put your hands, where kids sit and touch.

A day later, the unappetizing results came back. Nothing was dangerous but there was quite a lot of bacteria on the fruits and vegetables. One cucumber contained bacteria from the same family as salmonella and shigella. The apple had the least amount of bacteria, while the blueberries and grapes had the most.

The solution: wash your hands and wash what you buy. One mom decided to stay ahead of the game by killing the germs with baby wipes. More and more local grocery stores are starting to make anti-bacterial wipes available in the area where the carts are kept.