More than 100 residents, business owners and city leaders turned out for the Hatfield family, whose Camden’s Old South Restaurant — site of the largest salmonella outbreak in state history — is preparing to reopen Friday.

Steven Lee, pastor of Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Camden, spoke for the Hatfields Monday, expressing sympathy for last month’s events and thanking the community for its calls, cards and prayers. "They have suffered along with this community," Lee said. "They are part of this community."

"They have taken every precaution to ensure nothing like this ever happens again, and they are now looking to the future," Lee said, prompting applause from supporters.

The salmonella outbreak in May sickened more than 300 people, hospitalized more than 50 and has been linked to the death of 58-year-old Lugoff resident James Arledge. It has been traced to undercooked turkey and possible cross-contamination of other foods at the popular country-style buffet on DeKalb Street.