Doctors in several states, including Ohio, are still tracking a salmonella outbreak that apparently began at a Sheetz convenience store in western Pennsylvania and the mystery illness of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island continues to be a puzzle.

According to Local Health Columbus’s Len Rome, there’s little you can do to protect yourself from food poisoning if you eat out. You have to hope the restaurant and its employees are clean.  At home, it’s different. Be mindful to cook foods thoroughly, refrigerate them and keep hands and utensils clean.

Doctors at the Ohio State Medical Center have gone a step further. They may have found a vaccine for salmonella, something to protect us from several kinds of bacteria in our food.  The lab tests are promising.

"We’ve been able to show in a single oral dose, 100 percent protection against both salmonella and listeria," says Dr. John Gunn of Ohio State.

The protection seems to last up to six months.  Perhaps someday there will be a shot that would protect us for years. The backyard barbeque or the sub sandwich at the convenience store will hold no dangers, but you’ll still want to wash your hands.