Regional health authorities in Spain have confirmed today that more than 500 people are affected by the current outbreak of Salmonella in Spain. All of the people being treated seem to have been infected by pre-packed roast chicken. None of them are in a serious condition.

The outbreak is widespread and most regions in Spain have registered cases of patients with symptoms of salmonella.

The Spanish food company Grupo Sada confirmed yesterday that it had found traces of the salmonella germ in one the sauce pipes of its factory in Toledo. All Sada chicken products have been withdrawn from the market and consumers who may have purchased a roast chicken are advised to throw it away.

The worst affected region is Murcia with 140 cases, including 10 hospitalised patients, followed by Andalusia (108) and Castilla La Mancha (88) where 4 patients have been admitted to hospital. Other regions affected include Castilla y Leon, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura, Catalonia, the Valencia Region, Madrid and the Rioja.