WALB 10 reported that Salmonella has been found in the roaster that Con Agra intended to destroy and replace.

Sylvester- FDA investigators finally have some details on the location of that Salmonella outbreak that shut down the Sylvester ConAgra Foods plant five weeks ago. Thursday, ConAgra Foods blamed a $48 million loss this quarter on its recall of Peter Pan and Great Value Peanut Butter and there’s still no timetable of when production will start back.

It’s been five weeks since the lines at ConAgra Foods looked like this and it could be the end of May before production resumes. The clean up can begin now that the FDA has pin-pointed the cause.

"The two environmental positives that we did find were, one of them was in relation to the roaster and the other was on some cleaning equipment," said Dr. David Acheson.

Because it was found twice in the environment, the FDA investigators assume it’s other places and recommend a complete cleanup. ConAgra is working with microbiologist on a plan to resume operations, but doesn’t have an exact date.

"The precise way to clean up is up to them to decide what the recommendation we make is pretty general and that is that the company needs to do a through clean up to ensure the absence of Salmonella in any future product that’s produced in the facility, said Acheson.

FDA inspectors are gone from the plant now, but will return once the cleanup is complete to make sure there are no future problems.

The Centers for Disease Control stopped updating the number of reported Salmonella cases last week. The CDC reported 425 people in 44 states were sickened by the peanut butter. Twenty percent of those illnesses were serious enough to require hospitalization.