The U.S. Food and Drug Administration refused 13 shipments of Canadian canola meal that contained salmonella in August and September, all from plants owned by Bunge Ltd., the FDA’s website showed.

Twelve shipments came from a Bunge plant in Nipawin, Sask. The other originated in Altona, Man.  The canola industry in Canada has said the FDA is cracking down on salmonella because of a series of illness outbreaks since 2006.

  • John Munsell

    Talk about officially-sanctioned hypocrisy! USDA/FSIS samples ground beef at domestic federally-inspected meat plants for the presence of Salmonella. My memory says that each “Set” of tests consists of 53 samples. Well, if five or fewer of these tests are positive for Salmonella, then the agency concludes that the meat plant has met the agency’s standards, and no enforcement actions or corrective actions are taken. However, if six or more tests are positive, then the agency typically commences another “Set” of 53 tests, at a later date, to determine if the original adverse test results were an isolated, 1-time blip on the screen, or part of ongoing problems at the meat plant. Get the irony here: consumers won’t get sick if the plant produces salmonella-laced ground beef only 5 out of 53 times, but WILL get sick if the plant produces such meat 6 or more times out of 53. Yes indeedy, this shows the science fiction foundation of USDA’s allegedly “Science Based” HACCP Hoax. But, if a foreign supplier (Canada in this case) ships us Canola Meal with Salmonella, well, the roof falls in. And, what was the intended eventual destination of this canola meal? My understanding is that it primarily is a high-protein additive to livestock feed rations. IF my understanding is right, then USDA/FDA is more willing to protect livestock from consuming Salmonella-laced meal than they are to protect humans from consuming salmonella-laced ground beef. Ahhhh, the beauty of USDA-style “Science”. John Munsell