The deli and bakery departments of an Indianapolis Wal-Mart have been identified as the source of the recent salmonella outbreak in northern Johnson and southern Marion counties.

Wal-Mart officials report that all employees from the deli and bakery areas have been moved to other parts of the store until the investigation is complete. They have also discarded all possibly contaminated foods, and cleaned and sanitized both departments.

The State Department of Health was contacted on July 11 by the Marion County Health Department about an increase in salmonella cases in that area. Currently, 84 cases of salmonella have been reported to be part of the outbreak, which began in May 2006. State health officials say additional cases may be identified for the next few weeks, as the investigation concludes, but expect them to eventually taper off, now that the source has been identified and addressed.

State health officials say the salmonella contamination occurred at the store, and that the public should not be concerned with purchasing items from the deli and bakery departments in the future. Health officials do recommend that individuals who purchased ready-to-eat items at the deli and bakery areas of this Wal-Mart on or before August 25 should discard those items, or return them to the store for a refund.