1.  CDC – Disease Listing, Salmonellosis, General Information.  General information on the diagnosis, treatment, consequences, and prevention of infection with the Salmonella bacteria.

2.  salmonella.org – Salmonella information and resources for researchers, the press, and the public. Data from Salmonella genome projects.

3.  FDA/CFSAN Bad Bug Book – Salmonella spp.
Features organism information, associated foods, symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

4.  Wikipedia – Salmonella is a Gram-negative bacterium.

5.  About-Salmonella – Salmonella: Symptoms, Risks, Outbreaks and Resources.  About Salmonella offers information, resources and news about outbreaks, research, and legal cases.

6.  NIH – Directory of links to information and news about the disease.

7.  FSIS – Salmonella

  • mr william bowie

    Hi there i have just been given the all clear for salmonella after 15 weeeks, i think after eating raw oysters,
    what i would like to know that are there any lasting affects as there seem to be a problem with my joints knees and arms ect, almost like an athritus.
    would be gratefull for any feedback.