Picnics can be the best part of the summertime, but can have hidden dangers for moms-to-be. There may be unseen dangers lurking in the potato salad and hot dogs that could make you and your unborn baby very sick.

Pregnant women have a weakened immune system, which makes it harder for their bodies to fight infection, leaving them at greater risk for developing a foodborne illness. The risks to mom and baby can be serious.

Certain foodborne illnesses that pose a particular threat to moms-to-be and their unborn babies include:

  • Listeria, which comes from refrigerated ready-to-eat foods such as deli meat and unpasteurized milk and cheese.
  • Toxoplasma, which comes from undercooked meat, unwashed fruits and veggies, and cat feces (get someone else to change the litter box while you’re pregnant).
  • E. coli and salmonella, which can also be found in undercooked meats.