Paul Caron of Lakeshore, Ontario, writes regarding The Windsor Star June 7 editorial criticizing the actions of the Windsor Essex County Health Inspectors at an Art in the Park event.

In the article, it was stated that Minister of Health George Smitherman described the pouring of bleach on egg salad sandwiches by health inspectors at Art in the Park that weekend as "asinine" and has vowed to change provincial regulations to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

In the same article, Windsor West MPP Sandra Pupatello, who sits next to Smitherman in the legislature, said he was aware of the incident early Tuesday. "He’s really not impressed, and neither am I," said Pupatello.

Caron says the main point of discussion regarding this incident wasn’t the actions of the inspectors, but the reasons they enforced the law. Improperly handled or undercooked eggs are a main cause of salmonella bacteria. The shell of the egg has tiny pores, which bacteria can enter from the laying hen and surrounding environment. The addition of mayonnaise to make egg salad, which contains egg yolks, increases the risk.

There have been many reported incidents and non-reported incidents of food borne diseases resulting from food served at charity and social events. If the health inspectors had ignored their responsibilities and there was an outbreak of salmonella resulting in illness or death, Caron wonders what the response from Mr. Smitherman or Ms. Pupatello would be.