At Hua Long Supermarket, Shi has posted a handwritten sign above his two bins of mung sprouts, advising consumers the product does not comes from Toronto Sun Wah. He has been getting lots of inquiries from consumers informed by daily updates on the salmonella outbreak in the Chinese media.

He has been using another producer, Kim Kon Bean Sprout, for 10 years without a problem.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued an alert telling consumers not to purchase sprouts produced by Toronto Sun Wah Trading, also known as Hollend Enterprises, due to salmonella contamination, reports The Montreal Gazette.

Ontario public health officials traced a salmonella outbreak to mung sprouts from Sun Wah Trading on Nov. 25, after analyzing 266 laboratory-confirmed cases of individuals infected with the bacteria reported to the Ministry of Health that month. Normally, about 20 to 25 cases a month are reported at this time of year.