Javier Ochoa Repraz defended his PhD thesis at the University of Navarre Faculty of Science on the development of an acellular vaccine aginst salmonella enteritidis. This involves a world pandemia considered to be the most importante zoonosis or illness/infection transmissible salmonellosis by animals to humans under natural conditions. It is estimated that the incidence of acute worldwide is more than a thousand million cases per annum and causes three million deaths.

The project developed by Javier Ochoa centred on the investigation of a new vaccine based on the encapsulation of the components of the Salmonella enteritidis cell sheath. The vaccine has shown itself to be efficacious in mice infected with this illness and is currently being employed on experimental farms of Hipra laboratories in Gerona, a company involved in the control of pathogens in birds.

In Spain, salmonella enteritidis is the bacteria that causes 85% of food-provoked gastroenteritis.