The number of food poisoning cases caused by the consumption of spoilt sandwiches from a restaurant in Ruseifa, Jordan on Sunday rose from 170 to 762.

Lab tests revealed that the cause was the salmonella bacteria, usually found in poultry. Health Minister Saeed Darwazeh, who checked on the patients at the Yajouz and Zarqa hospitals yesterday, said 100 of the cases are still at the hospital, while the rest were discharged after treatment.

During his weekly press conference yesterday, Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh said the government would take firm measures in this regard, not only by penalising the violators but also in controlling the situation.

He stressed that the concerned government agencies would take the necessary action.

The restaurant has been shut down and its contents were seized, Darwazeh said, adding that the ministry does not impose penalties on restaurant owners, it only refers them to the authorities.

The minister said it was decided that the patients would be treated at no charge.