Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection is not waiting for someone to get sick with salmonella after finding sprouts contaminated with the bacteria.

Instead, Wisconsin is recalling packaged sprouts from Sunrise Farms Inc. of Neenah. The grower was ordered to tell its customers to remove the alfalfa sprouts, Spicy Sprouts, Crunchy Sprouts and Onion Sprouts from store shelves. They are sold in 4-ounce packages throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sunrise has sanitized its facility and is working with the state to determine how the contamination happened. No illnesses have yet been associated with the recall.

Wisconsin’s press release can be found here.


  • John Munsell

    I continue to be impressed with States’ Dept’s of Ag, Public Health & the such by their ability to trace bacteria back to the origin of contamination, and implementing enforcement action. If USDA/FSIS was in charge of this scenario, the agency would charge the downstream retail stores with all liability, and remind consumers to fully cook all sproute to kill the pathogens, while adroitly avoiding any traceback to the origin of contamination. John Munsell

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