Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 10.43.09 PM.pngLouie Foods International said a random test conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture detected Salmonella in a package of Louie’s brand alfalfa-clover sprouts. As a precaution, the company said it is recalling all its sprouts produced during the same time — those with a “use by” date on or before April 14, 2011.

The company said it has temporarily ceased production and distribution of sprouts subject to the recall and is working with the California Department of Public Health, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to determine the source of the contamination.

No illnesses have been reported.

Products affected by the recall are:

— Alfalfa Sprout Mix, 4 oz. cups (UPC 11324 04401)

— Alfalfa Sprout Mix, 16 oz. bags (UPC 11324 16401)

— Clover Sprouts, 4 oz. cups (UPC 11324 04406)

— Clover Sprouts, 16 oz. bags (UPC 11324 04406)

— Spicy Sprouts, 4 oz. cups (UPC 11325 04402)

— Broccoli Sprouts, 4 oz. cups (UPC 11324 04407)

The sprouts were sold to distributors in California’s Central Valley and along the coast. Louie Foods International said it has contacted all of those wholesale customers and that the products have been removed from store shelves.