Frontera Produce, of Texas, is recalling a lot of cilantro that may be contaminated with Salmonella, according to The Packer.    Frontera is not, however, releasing  to the public the names of the retailers that received the recalled lot.  According to the story:

Frontera identified the lot as 118122, and said it was distributed to two retail chains that have stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana and New Mexico.  Frontera did not identify the retailers.

Frontera said it has advised both supermarket chains of the situation and provided each with case tag identification.

Consumers are advised to destroy the cilantro which could have been purchased between July 20-27.

The cilantro bunches have a white twist tie with pink lettering spelling the word ‘Cilantro’ and the Universal Product Code number 033383801049. 

If Frontera is honestly trying to have consumers heed the recall, they need to provide the names of the retailers.   And FDA should be requiring the information to be public as well. 

Frontera was previously named as a defendant in litigation following last summers SalmonellaSaint Paul outbreak.   In that case, the plaintiffs’ left-over jalapeno peppers, purchased at Wal-Mart, tested positive for Salmonella Saint Paul.   Wal-Mart disclosed that the peppers in question were distributed by Frontera.