Nestle Philippines, Inc. on Thursday ordered a nationwide recall of all Maggi noodles from stores after a quality test showed traces of disease-causing salmonella bacteria in two batches of its beef flavor.

Though it has not yet received any concerns related to the consumption of the product, Nestle said safety and quality must not be compromised.

“We have decided to do a complete voluntary recall of all Maggi Rich Mami Noodles, even outside those of the affected batches, for thorough product evaluation and testing,” Nestle said in a statement.

Preliminary investigation results show that flavoring ingredients may be the cause of the bacteria contamination. Nestle also stopped the production of all Maggi Rich Noodles pending the completion of the internal probe.

Salmonella causes illnesses like typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and other food-borne illnesses. However, Nestle assured that the noodles are safe to eat if the cooking instructions are followed.