We learned Friday that the Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak was still making people sick as July began.
With 1,090 confirmed cases making this the largest fresh produce outbreak in a couple of decades, we are looking at the details and whether something might turn out to be the break needed to discover the source of the outbreak.

Inside the details is not only the fact that people were still getting sick as recently as July 1st, but in the 30 days prior to that–long after warnings about the "killer tomatoes" had dominated the news, 330 people were made sick by something they ate.   

How about  a break?  How about Thai Basil, grown in Mexico and imported by Lucky Green Trading, Inc. based in Garden Grove, CA? 

Its Thai Basil is being recalled after random testing by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration that revealed that "the finished products" contained Salmonella.

The company has suspended distribution and importation of the product as FDA and the company continues their investigation.

The Thai Basil was distributed through retail stores and direct delivery to customers in Southern California, Arizona , and Nevada on June 30, 2008.

The product was shipped in 14 LB cardboard cartons with 12 individual packages weighting approx.1.2 LB each in clear, unmarked, plastic bags.

The exterior cartons were labeled "16 DE SEPTIEMBRE S/N SANTA ROSA TAPACHULA NAYARIT, C.P. 63731" "Thai Basil" and also had an attached sticker with Airway Bill #027 1947 0861.

Go here for the the company’s press release distributed by FDA.

Please note:  The word "Saintpaul" has not yet been connected to the Basil recall.