The 35-year-old Rochester, MA-based sprout farm said the recall was based on routine sampling by the USDA Microbiological Data Program that indicated possible Salmonella contamination.

No illnesses have yet been reported. The recall does not include any of the company’s organic products.

The recall list includes all of Jonathan’s conventionally grown sprouts in square plastic containers with sell-by dates of April 23, including:

* Jonathan’s 4oz Alfalfa Sprouts

* Jonathan’s 4oz Alfalfa with Radish Sprouts

* Jonathan’s 4oz Gourmet Sprouts

* Jonathan’s 4oz Alfalfa with Dill Sprouts

* Jonathan’s 8oz Alfalfa Sprouts


* Jonathan’s 5 lb Bulk Alfalfa in waxed 18″x11″ cardboard cartons – code 39

The products were distributed in New York, New England, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware. They are sold at the following retail stores: A&P, Grand Union, Stop & Shop, Shaws, Hannaford, Donnelans, Foodmaster, Truccis, Roche Brothers.