Supermarket Waitrose has recalled seven of its chicken products because of a salmonella scare. It has listed seven chicken products which should be returned to stores.

The supermarket said it was taking the "precautionary measure" after routine tests had shown the possible presence of the bacteria in one product. The supermarket stressed the "unconfirmed presence" had been found in one 200g pack of Waitrose Roast Chicken Sweet Chilli Mini Fillets.


  • Waitrose Roast Chicken Sweet Chilli Mini Fillets 200g
  • Waitrose Cooked Chicken Skinless Breast Fillets 190g
  • Waitrose Perfectly Balanced Two Roast Chicken Smokey Maple Breast Fillets 190g
  • Waitrose Chargrill Chicken Pieces 140g
  • Waitrose Chinese Style Chicken Pieces 140g
  • Waitrose Chicken Tikka Pieces 140g
  • Moy Park Roast Chicken Tikka Breast Fillets with Chutney 250g