A class action lawsuit says Safeway failed to notify its regular customers about a Salmonella recall, even though it had the tools to do so through its Safeway Club Card program.

But Safeway says it’s not always possible to reach shoppers via its loyalty program, although it says it attempts to do so in other ways.

Filing the complaint in California are two Safeway shoppers, Dee Hensley-Maclean of Montana and Jennifer Rosen of San Francisco, with the assistance of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Hensley-Maclean said she bought peanut butter crackers and Nutter Butter sandwich cookies that had been recalled because of Salmonella contamination. Rosen said she bought Salmonella-contaminated eggs.

  • Anthony Reagan

    I’m very close to filing a law suit against safeway and Fresh express Lettuce for the SALMONELLA outbreak dated back in May of 2010. I’m very interested in hearing from anybody that knows about the class action against Safeway. I was very sick and in the hospital for more than 8 days, losing half my blood supply, and almost 20 lbs. It took me weeks to find out about the fresh express recall and know that safeway could have helped me find out faster and would have helped in treating me better for my illness in the hospital. I bought my salad at safeway and would love to know more. My email is Satyawattie@comcast.net . We have been trying to work with Fresh express on the bills and damages but, it doesn’t seem to be moving as quickly as I’d hoped. A full lawsuit is probably the only way to have them take me seriously and treat me fairly. Well that’s o.k. with me I guess if that’s the next step. Atleast I’ll get to tell my story to as many customers as I can. This bagged lettuce can be very dangerous right out of the bag to many people. Thanks for anybody that can help give me info on the class action. Also, any advice or information from anybody that has been in this position before would be fantastic. . My name is Anthony Reagan.