Cadbury Schweppes has recalled over 1 million chocolate bars in the UK and Irish markets in a precautionary move, because they could contain minute traces of salmonella.

The company said it had identified the source of the problem and rectified it and was taking steps to ensure these products are no longer available for sale.

The precautionary recall involves seven products:

  • 250 gram bars of Dairy Milk Turkish,
  • 250 gram bars of Dairy Milk Caramel;
  • 250 gram bars of Dairy Milk Mint;
  • Dairy Milk 8 chunk;
  • 1 kilogram bars of Dairy Milk:
  • Diary Milk Button Easter Eggs;
  • Cadbury Freddo 10p.

"We’ve taken this precautionary step because our consumers are our highest priority. We apologise for any inconvenience caused," UK Managing Director Simon Baldry said.

The company said the decision to recall the chocolate bars had been made in consultation with the Food Standards Agency.