WDRB, Louisville, Kentucky reports that Carter Martinette, a Louisville woman, became sick with salmonella poisoning from the same strain of tainted turkey that forced a massive, nationwide recall.

Carter Martinette says, “I don’t know, I got two kids that eat a lot of turkey, so that definitely scares me.” WDRB News met Martinette outside the Kroger on Third and Central in Louisville.

She’s a parent, deeply concerned that stores pulled 35 million pounds of Cargill turkey products off shelves from fear of salmonella poisoning. “Ground turkey, we try to sub in for hamburger as much as we can. Not something we want to hear about when that was discovered.”

Martinette just learned of the recall this morning. It’s the exact reason Kroger is going further to alert shoppers. Kroger can track what you buy through your Shoppers plus card, so now the company is calling customers and telling them about the recall.

The company says in one day the automated message went to more than 1.5 million people.

Tim McGurk, a Kroger spokesman, explains, “It tells you that this is an important message from your local Kroger store, get a piece of paper and a pencil. And then it goes through the products that they purchased and we believe they may still have in your home.”

The salmonella outbreak has touched 26 states so far, including Kentucky and Indiana. At least 78 cases are confirmed, one of them fatal.