The woman is identified at Denise Castaneda of Westminster according to the Adams County coroner.

We talked with her mother who says they ordered take-out carnitas at La California. Soon after Denise started throwing up. Her mother says Denise was hospitalized, had surgery and then she died. “I`m pretty upset. She died not knowing what she had. I didn`t expect her to die before me. I didn`t get as sick,” Denise’s mother told us.

FOX31 first brought you the story Thursday of 33 people who were sickened after they ate at La California restaurant in Aurora in November 2017. The Tri-County Health Department said the salmonella outbreak killed one person and three others were hospitalized. La California is at East 17th Avenue and Peoria Street.

The health department said lab tests show the family combination meal might have led to the poisoning. The meal includes ingredients such as meat, beans and cilantro.

But investigators could not pinpoint what started the outbreak.

The health department said the outbreak affected people who ate at La California from Nov. 4-26. Almost all of the people infected experienced diarrhea and abdominal cramping.

La California earned an “F” in the Restaurant Report Card for 30 critical violations in its March 2015 health inspection.