Well, it’s been a week since we learned that consumers were being blamed for a multi-state salmonella outbreak involving under-cooked chicken.  Today, Wisconsin stepped forward with its perspective on the foul situation. 

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services said four Wisconsin cases are part of a multi-state Salmonella outbreak that has caused 32 illnesses in 12 states.   The department also said:

Since August, four Wisconsin residents have had laboratory-confirmed Salmonella infections that match the DNA fingerprints of the national outbreak strain. The four Wisconsin residents reported consuming frozen chicken products. Health officials will continue to monitor for additional cases.

Milwaukee County Adult male
Ozaukee County Adult male
Washington County School-age male
Adult female

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  • John Munsell

    The real culprit in this dilemma, and the ongoing recalls and outbreaks of E.coli & salmonella-contaminated meat is HACCP, which has deregulated the meat industry, allowing USDA/FSIS to semi-retire at the largest slaughter facilities. This globe’s insistence on free trade, absent artificial “protectionist” nationalistic trade restrictions, can only be successful when all countries accept a dumbed-down non-inspection system which ostensibly creates an equivalent meat production/inspection methodology. Who cares if Chinese products carry melamine? China’s food system is deemed acceptable because it has implemented HACCP, the god to which all international companies pay homage. Since companies utilize this much-ballyhooed “SCIENCE BASED” production system, anyone who challenges the obvious shortcomings within HACCP is unceremoniously declared to be against “Science”. Since their products are shipped into commerce bearing the official Mark of Inspection, our only conclusion subsequent to outbreaks is that sick consumers are allegedly guilty of contaminating the food during food prepation. What our regulatory agencies have not yet comprehended is that consumers should not be held responsible to cook feces and other contaminants hidden in products purchased at retail stores or eaten at restaurants. While USDA piously proclaims it utilizes an “abundance of caution” in such issues, the agency has intentionally embraced an “abAndance of caution”, with full endorsement by the large food manufacturers. John Munsell