The memories of a 43-year-old Mt. Pleasant woman’s wedding day two years ago forever will be linked to the illnesses some of her guests suffered in the days following a reception catered by a Latrobe restaurant. Marsha Cochenour has filed a lawsuit against Falbo’s Italian Restaurant, claiming it served salmonella-tainted food at her wedding reception.

Some of her guests allegedly became deathly ill. Her 9-year-old niece, who served as a flower girl during the ceremony, was hospitalized and suffered through a major kidney ailment as a result of the food poisoning, according to Cochenour.

Attorney Jon Lewis is representing nine clients who claim they were sickened by the food at the wedding, with the last three lawsuits, including Cochenour’s, being filed late last week.

Cochenour is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.