Brian White recently wrote an editorial in regards to the recent lawsuit against Wal-Mart, in which a Greenwood, Indiana family is suing the global retailer for damages after a boy in the family had to be hospitalized after eating a ham and cheese sandwich from the Greenwood Wal-Mart store.

It appears from initial reports that health officials traced the salmonella outbreak to the deli and bakery sections of this specific Wal-Mart. Over 84 people from the communities of Marion and Johnson counties in Indiana were made sick from eating food from the Greenwood Wal-Mart.

White feels that Wal-Mart should be held liable for food poisoning outbreaks that cause "personal injury" to customers of its stores. Especially in the case of pre-prepared or pre-packaged food, such as deli products, which are then subsequently handled by employees prior to consumption, according to White.