Charlottesville, VA and Lockhart, TX are the latest examples of communities dealing with nasty little outbreaks of Salmonella.

In Central Virginia, a half dozen patrons of the Mona Lisa Pasta Shop were sickened with salmonella that apparently came from frozen lasagna product.

Dr. Lilian Peake of the Thomas Jefferson Health District says the investigation is ongoing.   Peake says her team has not yet officially pinpointed the lasagna as the cause and will look at all possibilities.

“We have to do a thorough investigation of what people were doing, where they ate, where they’ve been, so that we can really understand what is going on,” she stated.

While the Health District interviews people who ate food from the pasta shop, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs is checking out the venue itself.

In Texas, 27 people tested positive for salmonellosis in Caldwell County in the last month. Health officials have questioned all affected, but have not been able to determine the source.

Lockhart — the proclaimed the barbecue capital of Texas—is seeing people stay away from local restaurants because a specific source of the salmonella outbreak has not been found.   The investigation continues. 

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