Richardson Elementary School students in Lee’s Summit, MO were sent home with warning letters yesterday after two kindergartners were hospitalized with salmonella.

A boy, listed in fair condition, and a girl, whose condition was not being released, were enrolled in Richardson’s Kids Country during the school year.

Health officials could not say if the illnesses are school related.

Salmonella is often spread through contaminated food and less frequently from person-to-person or on toys and other objects. The school has instructed its district custodians to do additional cleaning and disinfecting at Richardson Elementary as a precaution.

FOX-4 in Kansas City is covering the situation here.

  • Brenda

    I wittness a very unorganized dirty Kids Country Area this past year while babysitting in the evening. Skittles were in package opened and not closed up on the craft shelf out for any critter to enjoy. I wrapped them up and set on teachers dest. The next week the package was out in the open again.