True Leaf Farms has recalled their spring lettuce mix and arugala from grocery stores after numerous samples tested positive for salmonellaUPDATE – We have learned that the lab that tested the sample has determined that the result was not positive, but false-positive.

True Leaf Farms is located in Salinas, California, the same area as the
recent spinach E. coli outbreak. FDA PRESS RELEASE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Salinas, CA — July 24, 2007 — True Leaf Farms, LLC is contacting its wholesale and retail outlets to request they remove certain batches of spring mix and arugula from store shelves and preparation counters as a precautionary step.

During a series of regular internal tests known as ‘test and hold’, one of the many samples taken indicated the possible presence of salmonella, a human pathogen that may pose a potential health risk. To exert the utmost caution, all cases of spring mix and arugula produced between July 19 and July 25, 2007 are being withdrawn. There have been no reports of illness or problems connected to this product.

"There simply can be nothing more important than consumer safety,’ said Jared Gill, Plant Manager of True Leaf Farms. "Withdrawing all of the product, and not just the one lot found with a potential problem is simply the right thing to do. It is essential we do all we can to protect our consumers."

Appropriate authorities have been informed and consulted about the precautionary withdrawal and are being kept updated on developments.

  • Cynthia Calaway

    I ate at a Ruby Tuesday (Roanoke, VA) last night & had a terrible reaction to something I ate there. I called & asked them where they got their salad greens from & the mgr. told me it is True Leaf Farms. I have had reactions before …several years ago..from eating salad prepakaged that had perservatives put on it to keep it fresh. I thought these perservatives had been outlawed. No one should have to go thru what I went thru last nite. I don’t really think it is salmonella…it is more like a reaction to some chemical.