We interrupt this blog to bring you news of a salmonella outbreak NOT involving tomatoes.  For this report, we must go high up into the mountains of North Carolina where we know from past personal experience that it sure is pretty this time of year.

But along comes the Asheville Citizen-Times with a report of a salmonella outbreak in Marion, NC.
The "Voice of the Mountains" reports on nine cases of salmonella linked to a single McDowell County restaurant.   But the outbreak is NOT being linked to tainted tomatoes because tomatoes supplied to the restaurant came from a so-called "safe" growing area as defined by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The newspaper said:

Officials are still investigating what was behind the local outbreak, but they said it wasn’t from people eating tainted tomatoes at the diner, which is owned by Lois O’Dear.

"It’s not tomatoes in her restaurant. She got her tomatoes from suppliers who got tomatoes from a safe zone that was marked by the (FDA )," said Buck Wilson, local health director.

Let’s hope that "safe" list is as good as it is being taken for in North Carolina.  Meanwhile, for the rest of the story, go here.