The official number of confirmed cases of Salmonella Saintpaul now stands at 228, up from 167; and the number of affected states now is 23, up from 17.

Six states added to the outbreak are: Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New York, Tennessee and Vermont. The addition of states in the South and East gives the outbreak, which started out in the West, looking more and more like a border-to-border event

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration remains clueless about the source of the tainted tomato outbreak, nor are they certain all the bad tomatoes are off the market. The latest onset date for a confirmed case is June 1st.

One death has been attributed to Salmonella Saintpaul.   Raul Rivera, 67, of Houston, died June 4th.

  • Public Citizen has some good advice for what we can do to have safe, high quality fruits and veggies and is working to help keep these kinds of things from happening. Check out this Public Citizen Global Trade Watch link:

  • kay snelling

    How does the salmonella get in the tomato?

  • mathinoe lee

    is there a definite answer to where the outbreak/main source came from?

  • You can download shapefile or KML (Google Earth) maps of the Salmonella Outbreaks from Finder! at GeoCommons. The maps will display the number of reported cases of Salmonella by state as of today as well as the states and counties with safe tomatoes.

  • Emily Sciarillo

    Find the updated Salmonella outbreak maps at: