More than 100 people reported some type of illness, but only 34 people actually tested positive for Salmonella during an investigation of Sushi King over the past few weeks, reports Rachel Lianna Davis for NWANews.

After an extensive investigation at Sushi King, the Department of Health and Human Services found no Salmonella on site. The department extensively tested all food products, as well as employees, at the facility. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned during an investigation. Remaining food samples tested free of Salmonella, said Ed Barham, public information officer for the department.

While 139 people reported cases of illness, only 34 people tested positive for Salmonella through cultures. "The remaining cases come from a variety of reporting sources; not all were cultured," Barham said. In other words, there is no way to determine if all 139 people actually had Salmonella poisoning.