Health officials are warning parents that a nasty stomach virus is making its way through the county’s daycare centers — sending at least six children to the hospital. At least two caretakers at the centers also have been infected. Many more infants and toddlers have similar symptoms but have not been tested for the virus.

Preschool children at 25 of 185 centers have had symptoms of rotavirus, a contagious virus that’s symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and a low-grade fever, health officials said. The six children were hospitalized due to dehydration. Health officials would not release the names or locations of the 25 centers with sick children.

"It’s throughout the county — High Point, Greensboro, (and other) areas," said Christine Murdock, the Guilford County Department of Public Health’s child care preschool nursing supervisor.

The health department is also closely monitoring the centers and reviewing hygiene procedures such as proper hand-washing, diaper changing and food handling techniques. The department will be offering classes for child care providers as well.