State of Florida officials say the Sunshine State has been added to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) "Safe to Eat" list —meaning Florida is NOT responsible for the Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak in tomatoes.

Florida is the nation’s largest grower of fresh tomatoes and it has a $40 million crop ready to be picked, making today’s announcement by the state one of vital economic importance to the state.

It will be the 20th state to hit the FDA list.   Seven foreign counties have also been cleared.

  • Kathleen Kobylarz

    And yet no word on the “outbreak”. What constituttes an “outbreak”? Since this is a common bacterium present in most food sources it seems that this is not an outbreak (the generic) “you” are speaking of, so, just what “outbreak” is occurring?
    In the mid 1980’s I encountered this type of thinking, only it wasn’t about food safety and the practices of how our food sources are handled in the fields. No, it was a situation that was being adroitly called – that south-of-the-border problem – immigration and the conditions that the migrant farm worker faced every day. No toilets.
    Did you ever drive down the middle of the largest valleys in California and look both East and West? No visible toilets or port-o-potties in sight! For miles! A most inhumane treatment of the PEOPLE who pick our foods, handle everything everyday.
    No, this is not about Salmonella; I believe it is about immigration, once again disguised – by tomatoes!