17 people became ill with salmonella after eating at the Taste of Chicago. The contamination has been linked to the Pars Cove booth. Full story.

Chicago health officials are investigating 17 cases right now and all 17 people have one thing in common. They all had food from the Pars Cove booth at the Taste of Chicago. Health officials have not been able to pinpoint the source of the outbreak, whether it was food handlers who did not wash their hands properly, or perhaps the food was not cooked thoroughly. The owner of the restaurant is speaking out, saying it is an unfortunate situation and that officials are focusing on the hummus that was being served at that food booth.

The Pars Cove restaurant has been in business 31 years. It is owned by Mike Bambouyani and his father. And they are fully cooperating with Chicago health officials.

"I respect the Health Department for what they do, they’re out there, they’re concerned about people. We have been here 31 years and planning on staying here another 31," said Bambouyani.