There was a time there when Salmonella was associated largely with chickens and eggs, but as the last few years have shown the potentially deadly pathogen can show up in all kinds of foods.

A few of the more recent examples:

Peanut Butter Peter Pan, Great Value peanut butter blamed for sickening an unknown number of consumers nationwide.

Tomatoes In November 2006, tainted tomatoes served in restaurants caused 183 reported cases of illness in 21 states.

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  • Maryamm Khaalis

    My son is 4 1/2 and we have 4 jars of peter pan in our house.2 of the jars contain the numbers. I contacted the cdc on 2/22 and asked why they were not testing all the jars, the woman told me because all of the jars with the numbers have the salmonella. My son vomitted a little for 5-6 weeks, complainted of sore joints, has crusty eyes in the morning, and has recently complained of a sore penis. All of these symptoms may point to Reiter’s Syndrome. Which can be caused by salmonella! Does any one else have a simular story? I will take my son to the doctor on 2/23 and let her read my research.

  • Kissy

    It really makes me scared to eat raw vegatables, or anything else that may be healthy for me. If it is not cooked, it may not be safe. I am so upset over this, I can’t even eat out anymore. In fact, I have a hard time eating anything at all. I just know my poor babies suffered all that time due to that poisoning, and I just kept giving it too them as comfort food!

  • Laura

    Would anybody be able to recommend any journal articles or good websites that contain information about the history of Salmonella e.g. who discovered it. I can only find limited info. on wikipedia and I am writing my dissertation and could do with some better literature. Thank you for any help with this