The East Metro Health District issued a report last week indicating that a Salmonella outbreak associated with attendance at Sherman’s Last Burning could be traced further to consumption of pulled pork at the Lion’s Club booth.  At least 67 people became ill with Salmonella after eating at the Lion’s Club booth at the festival, which was held in Covington, Georgia, in October.  As reported by the Covington News:

Pulled Pork Salmonella OutbreakThe report concluded that salmonella was significantly associated with four factors: attendance on Oct. 12, eating the ticketed meal prepared by the Lions Club on Oct. 12, eating the pulled pork from the meal on Oct. 12 and consumption of some "other" food item from the ticketed meal.

"We couldn’t conclude that they ate the exact same foods," said Vernon Goins, public information officer for the East Metro Health District, a division of the Georgia Department of Public Health. "But the timing seems to be pretty conclusive."