The mystery of what caused the salmonella outbreak that temporarily shut down the popular Corky and Lenny’s restaurant ended Sunday.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health pinpointed the restaurant’s famous No. 6, "The Philadelphia" chopped liver sandwich, salad, vegetables and matzo balls as the culprits.

Also testing positive for salmonella was the oil used by prep cooks to roll raw matzo balls and for hand dipping so that the matzo balls would not stick to their fingers during preparation. That same oil also was used to moisten the cooked chopped liver before serving. The report says a server may have contributed to the illness. But John McLeod, the board’s director of environmental health, said agency officials are unsure whether the employee was infected before or after the outbreak began.

"We’re trying to put the entire incident behind us," co-owner Earl Stein said Sunday. Unfortunately, litigation is making that difficult. Several lawsuits are pending.