The Charlotte Observer reported yesterday on the closure of Carniceria & Taqueria Hermanos Chavez in Newton.  The restaurant was closed on Friday after dozens of people became ill with Salmonella infections after eating at the restaurant, according to Catawba County health officials. 

As reported by the Observer:

Since Oct. 31, nearly 100 people have reported having salmonella symptoms — including diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, headache and fever — and 13 cases had been confirmed by Tuesday, said Maria Reese, a spokeswoman for Catawba County Public Health.

Most of the people with symptoms had eaten at Carniceria y Taqueria Hermanos Chavez off of U.S. 321 Business in Newton, Reese said. The owner voluntarily closed the restaurant Friday after a visit from public health officials, Reese said. reported that at least ten people’s tests have come back positive for Salmonella. 

An infectious dose of Salmonella is small, probably from 15 to 20 cells.  Typically, non-typhoidal Salmonella produces a self-limiting febrile gastrointestinal illness that is indistinguishable from that caused by other bacterial enteric pathogens. Dehydration is the principal clinical concern. The incubation period – the time between ingestion of Salmonella bacteria and the onset of illness – varies from six to 72 hours.

Salmonella can cause three different kinds of illness: gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and bacteremia.