At least three new cases of suspected salmonella poisoning have been reported to Lake County officials this week, prompting renewed calls from officials that people should discard jams and a peanut-butter spread served and sold at the Dinnerbell Restaurant and Bakery in St. Ignatius.

Susan Brueggeman, environmental health director for Lake County, said Wednesday the cases have not been positively confirmed as associated with the Dinnerbell contamination, which occurred in late July and in August. But samples of peanut-butter spread consumed by some of those who have recently reported illness will be tested for salmonella contamination.

Drinking water at the restaurant and bakery was contaminated with salmonella bacteria from a poultry pen. Water from the contaminated water system was used to make the peanut butter and jam, Brueggeman said, and the products were not sterilized at temperatures high enough to kill the salmonella.