Corky & Lenny’s voluntarily closed a for temporary period this week in response to an outbreak of salmonella infection associated with the popular Woodmere deli.

As of Wednesday, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health had confirmed 20 cases of salmonella. In addition, the health board is investigating 61 "probable cases" and one "suspect case" connected to patrons of the restaurant

The front door of Corky & Lenny’s is plastered with identical flyers signed by restaurant owners Earl Stein and Ken Kurland explaining: "We are sure that by now you have heard the Cuyahoga County Board of Health is investigating us. We have been in business for 50 years and this has never happened before … once this mystery is resolved we will reopen our doors to bring back our quality of food and service to you."

Corky & Lenny’s has a licensed sanitarian on staff to ensure all health procedures are followed, remarks deli co-owner Stein. Temperature logs are kept to ensure food is heated and cooled properly. Signs in the bathroom tell employees to wash their hands.

When the health board’s investigation ends and the deli reopens, hopefully by the end of this week, remarks Stein, the sanitarian will be on hand every day. Asked if he’s worried about the possibility of legal action from sick patrons, Stein hopes it doesn’t come to that.