WCCO reports that Robin is one of the cases identified by the Minnesota Health Department connected to the recent egg recalls.  Robin Shaffer said it wasn’t just the eggs, but how they were handled that made her sick.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through,” she said.

Shaffer said her bout with Salmonella poisoning was like the flu, times 10. She was down for three weeks.

“I had no energy. The pain. You’d try to keep something in you and it just comes out. You’re in the bathroom,” she explained.

Shaffer became sick after eating at Mi Rancho in Bemidji back in early May. It’s one of three restaurants in the state linked to 14 Salmonella cases involving recalled eggs. Shaffer said the Minnesota Health Department told her she likely got the food-borne illness due to food handling practices in the restaurant’s kitchen.

They told me it was cross-contamination and nothing about how my food was cooked,” said Shaffer.