A Salmonella outbreak in and around Racine, Wisconsin, is over, according to a story in the Racine Report.  According to the newspaper:

No definitive cause of the outbreak has been determined, but health department officials continue to investigate, Gesner said.

As of Tuesday, health officials had identified 34 laboratory-confirmed salmonella cases.

Twenty-nine of the laboratory-confirmed cases were in Racine County, including 18 in the city of Racine. Three cases were in Kenosha County and two were in Waushara County. A case earlier reported in Milwaukee County has since been found to be unrelated.

Although salmonella is quite common — with 900 cases a year in the state — the regional concentration and timing of recent cases suggested an outbreak

Most of the Salmonella cases were reported in the frist two weeks of May, and the concentration led health officials to consider that the victims had eaten food in a common place; however, the investigation into the outbreak so far has not led to a determination of where the outbreak originated.